Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've been tagged - again

I've been tagged by Denise at Little Bird Studio
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Here are my 7 random or weird things:

1. I detest beets. I mean, really can't stand them. They're beautiful and good for me, I know, but I will run from the room if someone tries to make me eat them.
2. Place in the world I would most like to visit is Ireland.
3. I was born in New Jersey, moved to California when I was 8, and it took me years to lose the accent.
4. I love roller coasters, especially the old-fashioned Coney-Island or Santa Cruz-boardwalk kind. Wuhoo!
5. I graduated from the University of California with degrees in political science and women's studies. I meant to go to law school. Got sidetracked by writing and art, truth and beauty. :)
6. I still listen to punk rock sometimes7. When I was younger, I was active in peace marches and the like. I was arrested in Tonopah, Nevada for protesting at the Nuclear Test Site.

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  1. I got tagged by you AND Angela on the same day - admittedly on different posts! Hehehe... so I've combined it. What an interesting person you are! And TBH, there are plenty of lawyers out there, but your artwork is unique and would've been such a loss, Autumn.

  2. Arrested???? Yeah right, like you look like a trouble maker!!!! What were those police officers thinking?