Friday, February 22, 2008

Stamping with found objects

This is for a swap on CC Swaps, where the theme was to stamp with found objects.

After this group's obsession with "noodle brushes" (silicon basting brushes) some months ago, I turned to the kitchen for inspiration. This little matchbooklet was stamped with a potato masher and the bottom of a salt shaker.

The text inside reads, "After discovering that one can stamp with ordinary kitchen objects, vast vistas opened up for the McCormick sisters." The main image is from The Stampsmith, with other stamps from Ma Vinci's Reliquary and Hero Arts

This was a fun piece to make!


  1. amazing what you can stamp with - great stuff xx

  2. This is so kewl!!!! I need to visit your blog more often. I will put yours on mine so I don't forget! Old ladies do that some time! ROFL!!

  3. Autumn...this is fantastic!!! And I love the little commentary you added to the piece. It's a winner in my book.

  4. This is such a fun piece Autumn. Love it

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