Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tattered scraps

My muse went walking last week and in a frustrated moment, I rounded up scraps on my work table and starting slapping them down on 12 x 12 paper with gel medium. I did three, dry brushed one with gesso and left it that way; washed a second with a mix of gesso, teal acrylic and some gold acrylic and the rubbed most of it away with a paper towel. The third was brushed with a diluted wash of cadmium yellow and left alone.

The pics show the raw collages, then the one that I wiped with the blue mixture. These'll get used for...something!


  1. Oh my heavens I love these bg's. Awesome job!! TFS.

  2. Autumn,
    Your scrap backgrounds came out looking so well-done. Mine never do, and I wind up never using them! Maybe I'm being to critical and will have another try at it. Thanks for posting the results of your frustration!

  3. These are little works of art in themselves, why don't mine turn out like that???
    fantastic results xx

  4. YUMMY! I love the colours! Whats your secret?