Friday, October 21, 2011

Embossed foil

As I was casting about for a technique for an embossing enamel swap, my friend Carol reminded me of the following: scrunch up some heavy-duty aluminum foil. Carefully unfold and brayer. Color with alcohol inks and let dry. Cover evenly with Versmark and clear, thick embossing powder (I used Franklin Opals). Heat until set.

What you get is colorful foil that has some stability (meaning it doesn't tear as easily) and is very flexible. It's also very colorful, and quite fun.

I used it for the background on this ATC, for a swap, and with one extra I made this card as a thank you for a friend.


  1. Ooh!!! Aah!!! Just love it, Autumn. Can't wait for it to wing it's way across the big pond. Hope you're feeling much better really soon.


  2. Sooooo pretty! You do awesome work, my dear!