Tuesday, February 3, 2009

That muse of mine may just be back in town...

It's been months. Long, dry months without creative pursuits, or time. My muse absconded with my sense of humor. Both were last seen partying down in sunny Baja, drinking tequila on the tailgate of a pickup, watching the sun set over the Pacific and littering the beach with stolen artistic impulses.

Not fair, my inner artist whines! They're having all the fun and I'm here at home, doing an endless round of caretaking and working.

Ah, but it's a funny thing about that muse. She always comes back, a little hung over from her hedonistic travels but full of interesting stories. She nestled back into my dreams and is sending postcards, just fragmentary snapshots right now, but full of interesting colors and textures. It's a good sign when this happens, because it means I'll be making art soon.

So early February, too warm here in California but I think it's causing the artistic sap to start rising. :) Stay tuned and wish me well for a breakthrough.


  1. Woohoo Autumn, welcome back your muse. Sounds like she's been having a real party time recently. I hope that you are back making loads of art soon.

  2. Here's hoping that muse gets herself back where she belongs!!! We'd like to see some of the fragments turn into some complete pieces!

  3. I look forward to seeing the results of her sojourn. Maybe lots of palm trees and watery sunsets. I think my muse may have joined yours. I'm not sure since she's not been checking in. But I spent my day clearing out space for her just in case.

  4. Love it! yes I think your right! so glad to hear her hiatus is over I'll look forward to seeing and being inspired by your creations :-)

  5. Sometimes change is as good as a rest. Glad you are back.