Monday, June 9, 2008

Printed Page ATCs

These are for a swap on CC Swaps. We needed to use some form of printed page, somewhere on the ATC.

I started making the "Phoenix" ATCs on May 23, when I heard about the wildfire raging through the Santa Cruz mountains, not far from where I lived for a few years after college. Those forests are gorgeous--redwoods, tan oak, madrone--and the thought of them burning made me very sad. Ironically, I'd been reading an article that morning in a travel magazine about the 2oth annivesary of the "Big Burn" at Yellowstone, and the renewal there, so I took heart. All will rise from the ashes.

The second ATC uses a page out of an old birders book, and the bird is painted with Twinkling H20s.

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  1. Great ATCs. Love hearing the story behind the art.