Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Me, Me, Medusa

I've had some folks ask what became of the snakes & headband project, so here's a photo of me as Medusa.

I learned some interesting things about Medusa. She was originally a Libyan goddess whose name meant "sovereign female wisdom." Being African in origin, she may have had dreadlocks.

When the Greek patriarchs incorporated her into their pantheon, she became an ugly Gorgon with snakes on her head, whose look could turn one to stone. Those Greek patriarchs were rather frightened of sovereign female wisdom, so they had to turn her into a baddie. Gee, I bet that's never happened to women anywhere else...

In any event, you could call this a mixed-media project. I gessoed the snakes, then painted them with various metallic acrylics and wired them onto the headband. I was proud to stand for female wisdom, and I happen to like snakes. :)

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