Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's do things differently and see what happens, eh?

So it's 2011, and I'm thinking about my so-called artistic life. January finds me taking stock, cleaning up my studio area, organizing, culling, musing. Mostly I'm trying to figure out how to have a regular creative "practice" in a life that includes 3 wonderful kids, a husband, a puppy, a full-time job as executive director of a non-profit, and lots of friends and wonderful volunteer commitments. I love it all...and know that it all suffers if I don't give my creative impulses a very long leash.

I've been struggling with this for several years now, truth be told. The more I struggle, the less I actually create. I seem to have gotten tangled up in a web of my own expectations and perfectionism, laced with feelings of inadequacy. That, and a real lack of time, probably best explain my infrequent postings here last year.

Somebody hand me the scissors, quick. I'm bored with that approach and just want to do things differently. We can't all be [insert your favorite artist/designer here].

So this year I'm committing to posting here at least twice a week, to sharing more work in progress, and to worrying less about whatever my shortcomings are and just...making stuff. I'm making a choice to be INSPIRED and in the process, inspired. :) Warm wishes to all for a great year.


  1. Wonderful!!!!
    Don't think finished projects. PLAY, make backgrounds, make embellishments, print out clip art you like, make beads, get messy, and maybe in all of that a project will emerge. Above all have FUN!!! Art therapy is what keeps me sane, well as sane as I'll ever be ;)

  2. Go you! I might not be reading every week, but I will promise to catch up every once in a while and see what's been flying out of your studio.