Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scraps collage

Someone asked recently what to do with infinite scraps of paper we accumulate in the course of making art, so here's what I occasionally do. I pull together scraps that seem like they work together and play around with them. When they look "right" I adhere them (here to cardboard) with matte medium gel.

I gave this a light coat of dry-brushed gesso, let it dry for a bit, then applied acrylics watered down a bit and rubbed/blotted on, then partially rubbed it all off.

The last bits were just what came to mind. I've been in love with this corroded washer for weeks since my husband brought it home. This piece is called "Full Circle."

This doesn't answer the question of how to organize scraps of paper but it's a fun way to use some up. I often make batches of these with different colors and textures and then tear up for ATCs and other collages.

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