Sunday, March 1, 2009

More earrings

I've been getting back into jewelry design again. I've pulled out my copious selection of beads, organized them and spent time just sifting through them and playing. So far some earrings have resulted. Making jewelry was one of the first creative things I ever did (though sewing was first), and I still love it!


  1. Beautiful Earrings. love the two It-Girls gifts you made and I am sure both Jessie and Pea will be thrilled with them.

    Glad to see you back posting again as we missed you!!

  2. Hi Autumn, I work with Heather at The Wardrobe. We are working on setting up a blog called "If Our Clothes Could Talk" and she showed me yours as inspiration! I absolutely love your work, and I thought I might ask if you have any creative input on a logo/branding design for "IOCCT." We are considering a mosaic type font and have not yet come up with any other ideas. Thanks for your time! I know you are probably super busy...

  3. Love these earrings. They make me want to put on a swirly skirt and go dancing.