Sunday, January 13, 2008

More on Nebula Grunge

To give you an idea of how bright these are before I do the overspray, here are:

-Color Mists in bright colors (Lemon Yellow, Margarita Magenta, Slimescent Green, Cobal Sky and Tahoe Turqouise. The first picture shows the true brights, the second is the dried finished background. Overspraying these with Tungsten Carbide (black) gives the whole "night sky appearance" as the colors peek through. This was on one layer of acrylic paint.

-Starburst Stains in California Poppy Orange, Beauganvillea Fuschia and Delphinium Turquoise. Oversprayed with Color Mist in Cobalt Sky. This was also on layer of acrylic as well.

I experimented with lighter overspray colors as I went along, but I really like the darker look.

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  1. These nebula grunge backgrounds are all beautiful. thanks for all the instructions too.