Sunday, January 6, 2008

Art Doll ATC

Adrienne G. in Wales gets my first creation of 2008. I finished this several days ago but am just getting a chance to upload now.

This was for an "Art Doll ATC" swap Adrienne organized on CC Swaps. His head and legs fold up so that he is standard ATC size. I call him "St. Festivus," and he's ready to rock n' roll.

My husband thinks this guy looks like him, and he's not far off, LOL!


  1. if your hubby has a chest like this guy then you are one lucky girl lol x

  2. Oh, I was just admiring him and thinking 'why didn't I get THAT one', when I read the text and remembered I AM getting that one LOL. He is lovely, I am looking forward to seeing him in real life, and actually he looks rather like my husband, too...