Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mixed Media Artists of Northern California Zine

I was recently invited to join the Mixed Media Artists of Northern California, a group that meets monthly. Our membership is quite diverse in terms of geographical location and type of art. I'm quickly realizing how much I have to learn, and excited to be in such wonderful company.

Right off the bat, I learned the group was doing a zine with the theme of "Me and My Art." I love how everyone interpreted this very differently, and it was fascinating to learn about each person's artistic journey.

We each created a font and back page, and then made enough color copies for everyone's zine.

I asked if I could share the pages here, as inspiration for others, and the group members were kind enough to say yes. These first two photos are of the front and back covers, respectively, and then each woman's pages (17 artists participated) follow, front and back respectively.

A special thanks to Janene, who invited me to join, and who did the covers for the zine. Because I've kept these in order, you can can see each artist by following the numbers on the covers.


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  1. Autumn -what a fascinating collection of pages. I love that they are all so different. The covers are just perfect too. Thanks for sharing them with us. Can you also pass on thanks to all the artists and tell them that I love all the pages.