Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sketchbook challenge

On the Art-Venture group, Trish gave us a sketchbook challenge. I did the backgrounds for these pages on a camping trip in August and have slowly been playing. I have to admit, this is outside my comfort zone, but hey, that's the point. So, not great art, but I had some fun.

You can see the original pages in the Sept. 7 post (Marshmallows, lichen & pine needles). In order, here's "All About Me," I (a sort of acrostic with my name); 8 Things I Love; When I Grow Up; Coffee (it was supposed to be morning coffee, but I chose 3:00 coffee); and "In My Dreams."

I felt really limited by the art supplies I took camping and so don't really like these colors or these pages much. But, this is a good exercise for me--need lots of practice! And I will keep playing.


  1. These are great adventures into journaling. I especially love your 3:00 coffee page, and I don't like coffee! I think it's the allowing us to have a glimpse of who you are, that is so important. You are an Amazing, Unique, Terrific, Understanding, Multi-talented and Notable woman!

  2. Gorgeous sketchbook pages, so insightful and full of fun! I love these a lot. Youve done fantastically with this challenge!