Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gesso Resist

We're playing with gesso on the newly burgeoning Next Generation Stampers. I use gesso a lot, in various colors. Very helpful in priming metal and plastic so that they'll take acrylics.

I did this page about six months ago as one of the pages in my book for a round robin swap. (We got our own books back today at a party, and I'm still absorbing the amazing artwork created by Kate, Sharon, Cheryl, Deatra and Stacy. Will blog more about this soon.)

I stamped a baroque image in white gesso on orange paper, then let it dry. I sprayed it with Color Mist sprays (Strawberry Soda), let that dry, then overstamped and wrote on top of all that. Added a transparency with additional stamping, and other embellishments and stamped words.

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