Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First canvas collage

OK, so this strange piece is the first large (16 x 24) canvas collage I've ever managed to complete. I made this for a friend (and co-worker) who is an art-car artist and sculptor. We share a love of rusted things. He just turned 40 and I wanted to make him something to mark the occasion.

The little book is just random things that reminded me of him, tucked into a piece of rusted screening held on by brads that look like screws.

The base is black gesso, with acrylic paints, old paper, a CD I rusted using Modern Options finishes, a genuinely rusted hinge, and some 1/4 watt resistors.

I had fun; hope he likes it.


  1. Hi Autumn! Just had a look at all your WONDERFUL art from the last few minutes... er, days (lol). Absolutely gorgeous as ever!!!

  2. Gorgeous! Love the colors and layout.