Friday, September 7, 2007

Marshmallows, lichen & pine needles

On one of my Yahoo groups, Trish Bayley challenged us to start a sketchbook that is "all about us." On a good day, I would be challenged by such a project. But, I decided to take the journal along on my family's trip to the high Sierra a few weeks ago, along with some Caran Dache watercolor crayons and a water brush--and that's it.

But the pages needed texture, so I thought, "hmmm, what can I use?" One page has some nice ovals courtesy of a marshmallow...

Another was done by dabbing on watercolors with a piece of lichen...

Two were accented by dipping the tip of a pine branch in contrasting color and smooshing it on...

And one was just scribbles and the water brush.

The real challenge is that I know have to FILL these pages with journaling...about myself. I've actually started this but will wait till I get a few done to upload.

1 comment:

  1. Im drooling over your background colours!! So lush!! Now get journalling and doodling them!!! :)