Monday, August 6, 2007

House of Cards fun day!

I got to visit the "House of Cards" ATC exhibit this weekend as it (and curator Lisa Ohmer) visited Placerville. I have submitted Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) for both the first and second years of this exhibit, which features something like 4,600 cards by 800 artists in 12 countries. It was pretty impactful to see the sheer number of ATCs, as well as their diversity. For more information about the exhibit, please visit

Placerville is an historic Gold Rush-era town located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada (used to be known as Hangtown), and the exhibit was in a beautiful old hotel. I enjoyed the 45-minute drive up to the foothills, as well as getting out of the Valley heat and smog. I also enjoyed chatting with Lisa, buying her wares and getting a glimpse of what she was preparing for her next workshop. I unfortunately only found out about this event (part of a weekend-long event called the Sierra Art Affaire) a few days ago, and I did not have time to stay for the workshops.

I did walk down the street to a wonderful stamp store called Stamp it Rich. Walked away from Placerville with quite an assortment of art goodies, including some fun rusted bits and bobs, papers and lots of charms. I also met a fellow Creative Cards list member and ran into an ATCer from Davis there.

Here are three shots of the six walls of cards. The second shot features one of mine--the one with the eyes that says "yes."

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  1. Autumn,

    love your blog and great to see your work. really makes me wanna get back into multimedia/2D collage (remember i actually used to do that). i'm inspired to--someday--jump back in. what you are creating is so sassy, saavy, and yum. that translates in my vocab to double thumbs up or 5 stars. rock on sistah!