Wednesday, June 13, 2007

At the ranch

I wanted to do something special for my twins' first-grade teacher. A couple of weeks ago, she hosted her entire class--and alums--at her 10-acre ranch for an overnight camping trip. The kids got to ride horses, drive the tractor (with help), camp and generally have a great time.

The pictures are all from her ranch. I was supposed to be taking pics of all the kids (and I did), but I really was drawn to the patina on the side of the barn, her canoes, the animals, a rusty sign on a fence. These photos are all from her place and I ran then through some filters.

I started with a canvas board, painted it with acrylic washes, added a little texture paint on the side and stamped into it. I added some oil pastels around the edge. Then I added photos, inks and do-dads. Hope she likes it.

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